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Month: May 2015

Cidade de Itas

A reason to go back

With only two days left in Bolivia, I still had so much to see and do. How was I going to manage it all?

My uncontrollable travel companion

As you might have read in the previous blog, Jim will leave me on my own. And though I don’t mind being on my own for a while, my mind is kind of worried.

Where’s the next adventure?

Leonie is going to Peru for a week, and I’ve been wondering what I would do while she’s away. Go to Peru too? Chile, perhaps? There are so many options. Maybe even too many.

What do you mean ‘routine’?

After a month of many wonders, beautiful places and friendly people, we were looking forward to a quieter time in the familiar settings of Cochabamba. That was not to be…

How we got to Bolivia

We had a great trip on our way to Bolivia, before we started the blog. A total of 16,539 km. This amazing, innovative interactive map gives you the details of where we went and how we got there.

Iguacu Falls, Brazil

The ‘Have you been there?’ rule

We spent four hours in Brazil. Had our passports stamped. Can we now claim to have been in Brazil? There’s a simple rule to apply to find out.

Mind tricks and horor stories

Checking and reading the blogs on the internet didn’t help, especially as Jim shared one horror story after another.

Iguazu Falls

We are not on holiday

Working for yourself definitely takes a different kind of discipline than working for a boss. And working on the doorstep of a world wonder can take another shift in thinking.

Where do they go? And what are they looking for?

Years ago, when I lived in a small village in Tanzania, my neighbours would ask about the travellers who pass by.