Exploring life's passions

Month: January 2016


Corruption happens all around us, every day, all over the world and at a much larger scale than the few instances just described. So I have been wondering, why does it seem to bother me, especially since it concerns such small amounts.

Ready to go all the way?

What are you looking for? The journey or the result? Useful questions to consider before you depart.

Bonding on the river

Even though we all live in different circumstances, and we all have different routines and habits, we all share the beauty of being human.

The wonders of Angkor Wat

Many of the ancient temples of Angkor lie in ruins and nature is reclaiming the space, which makes me wonder what we will leave behind, and does it matter since nature will always win in the end.

Romance of travel

My whole life I have been travelling to places because they were different. Now, almost 30 years later, this is getting more and more difficult.

The best laid New Year plans

The goal for 2016 will be to find a balance between realising existing plans and having space for new opportunities to emerge.