Exploring life's passions

Month: December 2016

The addictive effect of new flavours

There is a lot about Portugal that could tempt any nomad into becoming a local. The food is certainly a great attraction.

Life is like a faux-plat

Sometimes you have these intentions and resolutions, but you never feel like you have achieved anything. And then it’s only when you look at it over a longer period of time that you can see the changes that will give you the encouragement and satisfaction you were looking for.

Meatless or less meat? What holds us back?

There are always good excuses for not following a vegetarian diet. Are you ready to challenge those and make a new year’s resolution, and reduce your ecological footprint.

Standing outside of society

While speaking with people who have left the regular working world, whether voluntarily or not, I’m confronted with how, often unconsciously, we tend to exclude this group of people either through language or by somehow giving them the feeling that they don’t really participate in society. And all of that just because they don’t participate in the regular work process.

Sanity days for him and for her

While the main aim of this trip is to visit and work on ecological communities (at least for me), we also have the chance to experience and learn about the life in a tiny house on wheels. Slowly, through experience and advice from fellow travellers, we’re finding our way.