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In memory of a new friend

When travelling it can be difficult to make new friends. When you do, the experience often marks the memories of a place.

The difference between expats and digital nomads

Expats have a very different experience to digital nomads visiting a country. A place that is paradise for two weeks or a month becomes frustrating and ordinary.


Corruption happens all around us, every day, all over the world and at a much larger scale than the few instances just described. So I have been wondering, why does it seem to bother me, especially since it concerns such small amounts.

Levels of confusion

In some ways I feel I am as confused as ever, but I have the feeling I am confused on a higher level and about more important things than last week.

To plan or not to plan. To promise or not to promise.

How do you make plans when you have no plan? Do you make promises, only to break them? And how do you decide which opportunities will let you meet all your commitments?

Slower than comfortable

After many years of fast travel, I now try to embrace the charm of taking it slow(er), even though it has its challenges on its own.