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Breaking the silence and new plans

Summer has passed, and autumn is setting in. After a short time of warm weather at the end of September, where we had a few beautiful weeks of sunshine. I – like so many others, judging by the news and posts on Facebook – truly enjoyed them (although so img-20161016-wa0001much about these unexpected weather patterns worries me). And now it’s time for us to prepare for a new adventure.

We’ve spent most of the last couple of months in Amsterdam. Working, spending time with family and friends and enjoying cultural events. Never a dull moment, and a great summer to look back on, even though our action radius was a bit limited due to an injury with my foot.

I’ve tried to be brave and do as much as I could. But only now, while slowly recovering and getting back to being more mobile again, I realise how much I let the injury affect my mood and daily life. And I see how lucky I am, now that the end of the injury is in sight, img-20160919-wa0000and that it was nothing more than an injured foot.

This has also meant that I didn’t feel up to writing blogs the way I used to. But this is about to change. In a weeks’ time, Jim and I will be on the road again. For the moment we are not yet sure what the coming months will look like, or where we’ll go.

For now, the plan is to explore the possibility of traveling through Europe, even during the winter months.

For a long time, I’ve been interested in living and working in ecological communities. Why and how do people choose for an alternative way of living and take the step to pursue their dream and try to leave as small a footprint as possible on this world? What motivates them, and what does it bring them? And would it be something for me, and possibly Jim to join? And what holds us, and others, back from doing the same? And is it a realistic alternative?

img-20161015-wa0003But before I want commit and plan to stay and work on organic farms (WOOF), we’ve decided to explore whether traveling in Europe during the winter is something for us, and how we would like to travel so that we are sure that Jim can keep working and that I’ll have the possibility to write besides working on farms.

So in a weeks’ time we will be on the road to explore this, and I will be writing a blog a week again.

The blogs will probably be a little different this time. My aim is to focus a bit more on environmental issues, and how we can and do deal with them. Even so, I hope you will follow our adventures again, and maybe even be willing to contribute and share your own ideas.

More to follow soon.

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