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bedroomTravelling with Sunny is worth the experience. Small and cosy, you have everything at hand. And in less than 10 minutes you can transform her into the room you want: an office, a kitchen, a living room or bedroom, or a car with music blaring from the speakers. And there is only one room to keep clean, no need to go from one room to another to get something you need, no stairs to climb, and not enough space to collect any clutter.
Who doesn’t want a house like that?

I love it, a small space with a well thought out interior, where everything has its own place. And the whole thing can be parked in an area that looks like the garden of your choice, where you can set your table and chair, and is pretty easy to keep clean. And this with just a small van.

You shouldn’t be in alivingroom hurry though. Sunny doesn’t like to go fast (nor does your bank account, as she gets thirstier the faster you go). On the positive side, she will help you unwind, if that’s necessary. You just need to take a moment to synchronize your rhythm with hers, forget about all your ambitious plans and slow travel will start straight away.

And that is what we did. Instead of driving to the Vosges region in France via the highways in one and half days, as we had planned, we replanned our intenary with an extra stop and took our time to cruise through the Ardennes, see some of Luxembourg, enjoy the scenery along the little departmental roads in France, take the time to stop for coffee and lunch and go for the occasional walk through the various small villages we passed on the way.

img-20161031-wa0004And it has been a real treat, especially this autumn season, with blasting sun, mild temperatures, little to no rain, blue skies and amazing vivid colourful leaves on the trees. There were moments of the day that it seemed as if we were driving from postcard to postcard. Especially the scenery approaching our first ecological village destination in the Vosges. It was amazing. Some of the trees almost looked on fire.

img-20161031-wa0002So, as far as Sunny, I am sold, and am pretty sure I can live, work in and travel with Sunny or a similar van for the coming months. And that I won’t miss the luxury of a bigger place with more rooms, a toilet and a hot shower (all things Sunny doesn’t have).
But as far as living and working on ecological farms or communities goes, and planning where to go, that seems to be a bit more of a challenge, based on our first experience and some additional research. More about that on the next blog.

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  1. Sounds as a sunny partner! Envy your courage and experience.


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