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My book is ready! Can you help readers discover it?

With a bit of a knot in my stomach, I’m asking you for help. My debut novel (never thought I would ever use these words) – Samir – is ready to be read.

Samir-front-coverAfter months of mainly solitary work, with the help of some of you, and support from most of you, it’s time to share and find out whether readers will like my work. Will it sufficiently entertain, make the reader shudder a little, provoke some thoughts and inspire change, the way I hope it will? And will I manage, with your help, and all the available tools, techniques and channels, to get the book discovered by a larger audience?

The process of writing and publishing now seems easy compared to the task ahead – marketing. It’s something I’ve never been good in, especially when it involves marketing myself. And these days, when books can be printed on demand and available as e-books, it would seem to be a never-ending task, as the book will never sell out.

IMG-20170515-WA0000Even though I appreciate how that it’s easier for everyone to buy and publish a book, it also means that I can’t use the power and appeal of scarcity to try to seduce you to rush to a store or an online retailer to make sure you get the last available copy. So, I’ll have to use of other ways.

So here is my first attempt: an appeal to you, frequent readers of my blog, to help me get Samir’s story discovered by others.

There are four simple ways you can help:

  • (pre)order an e-book (for less than 3 Euro) via the following links Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo (although you won’t actually get the book for a couple of weeks yet, this will help my ranking on these sites)
  • read the book (or just a little if it doesn’t appeal to you) and let me know what you thought of it
  • leave a review on your favourite book website (can also be in Dutch)
  • surprise someone, and give them Samir as a present
  • share this post, or promote Samir through your own network.

The book will be available as e-book and hard-copy from the 31st of May.

You can also find the complete list of retailers on my brand new website www.leoniepostma.com. Drop by there and let me know what you think of that too.

Thanks, in advance, for helping to calm those butterflies in my tummy.

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