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People’s climate march

May 6, 2017

I wondered if there was any point to taking part in marches to highlight climate change, or doing – or not doing – anything. But the fact is – everything we do has an effect on ourselves, others and the environment. Maybe we should be careful we don’t do anything too extreme.

Hardship or paradise

There are places in the Algarve that look like paradise when you travel through and stay even for a few weeks. But the reality for many who live here, especially those who depend on the land, can be very different.

It’s not always your brain to blame

When is it the right time to blame others? Or should I always be vigilant, present in every moment of the day?

Life is like a faux-plat

Sometimes you have these intentions and resolutions, but you never feel like you have achieved anything. And then it’s only when you look at it over a longer period of time that you can see the changes that will give you the encouragement and satisfaction you were looking for.

Meatless or less meat? What holds us back?

There are always good excuses for not following a vegetarian diet. Are you ready to challenge those and make a new year’s resolution, and reduce your ecological footprint.

Standing outside of society

While speaking with people who have left the regular working world, whether voluntarily or not, I’m confronted with how, often unconsciously, we tend to exclude this group of people either through language or by somehow giving them the feeling that they don’t really participate in society. And all of that just because they don’t participate in the regular work process.

Cheated by borders and expectations: the truth about life in Espedair Street

Being guided by our expectations and preconceptions can mean that we miss out on opportunities and new adventures when we should be more open, flexible and ready to adapt.

Access to great services and facilities: a joy or an annoyance?

With all these facilities and services at hand, I find it difficult to ignore and not judge the small breaches of the rules in the city of Amsterdam.

Malaysia visa run

We were all foreigners in a minibus heading to Malaysia for the same thing, and yet we were all very different.

The good, the bad and the beer

It’s great to realise that travelling in a country you don’t particularly like doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time.