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It’s not always your brain to blame

When is it the right time to blame others? Or should I always be vigilant, present in every moment of the day?

Dream and drive with Sunny

Good planning and weighing the pros and cons of different options can help us make the right decision, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of actually taking action.

Travelling in a Buddhist country

After all the excess and commercialism in and around temples in south east Asia, it was very special to meet someone who had a different approach to Buddhism.

Finding the rhythm again

Once we get over our jet lag, settle down and find our way in a new country, I notice that it is not as easy to break with some old patterns and it can be difficult to pick up some new ones.

To plan or not to plan. To promise or not to promise.

How do you make plans when you have no plan? Do you make promises, only to break them? And how do you decide which opportunities will let you meet all your commitments?

Give your mind a name

Interested in changing your relationship with your own chatty mind? Here are two exercises that have helped me a lot, and several links to more exercises that can help you to defuse from your mind.

We are not travelling

The important thing is that we want to pursue things that we are passionate about, things that really matter to us. And travelling, for neither of us, is what’s really important, travelling is the means to an end.