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When is a thought just a thought?

Whenever I’m in a remote or particularly spectacular place in the world, one strange thought always appears in my mind.

What to pack or not to pack? Part 1

Packing for a journey has always been a challenge for me. At the beginning, I feel the excitement, but when the moment of packing comes, the challenge begins.

My uncontrollable travel companion

As you might have read in the previous blog, Jim will leave me on my own. And though I don’t mind being on my own for a while, my mind is kind of worried.

Mind tricks and horor stories

Checking and reading the blogs on the internet didn’t help, especially as Jim shared one horror story after another.

Help! A day without internet!

We’re so used to having access to an unlimited amount of resources on the web, and having contact with family, friends and our colleagues wherever we go and whenever we like.

From Paris to Switzerland: meditations on globalisation and diversity

Because surely, there is no other place like Montevideo.

Are you ready for Argentina?

Are there criteria you should consider before going to a particular country? I don’t mean war zones, I mean regular places, like, Argentina, for example. How can you tell if you’re ready for a country or not?

To dare is to lose one’s footing. Not to dare is to lose oneself.

Making a choice and acting upon it is to take a risk. The philosopher Kierkegaard puts it: “To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself.” And so it is, at least for me.

The man who shook Mao’s hand

We have an ambition to visit all the mummified remains of former communist dictators. Recently, we met a very special man who met many of them when they were still in power.