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It’s not always your brain to blame

When is it the right time to blame others? Or should I always be vigilant, present in every moment of the day?

Travelling in a Buddhist country

After all the excess and commercialism in and around temples in south east Asia, it was very special to meet someone who had a different approach to Buddhism.

The difference between expats and digital nomads

Expats have a very different experience to digital nomads visiting a country. A place that is paradise for two weeks or a month becomes frustrating and ordinary.

Ready to go all the way?

What are you looking for? The journey or the result? Useful questions to consider before you depart.

How we react under stress

When something unexpected happens, like a flight being delayed, it’s interesting to watch how different people react, and to be aware of your own thoughts and feeling in times of stress.

To plan or not to plan. To promise or not to promise.

How do you make plans when you have no plan? Do you make promises, only to break them? And how do you decide which opportunities will let you meet all your commitments?

How I learned to run minfdully

How running has taught me how to find an effective balance between balance between ‘being in the here and now’, and planning and acting on values and goals.

Give your mind a name

Interested in changing your relationship with your own chatty mind? Here are two exercises that have helped me a lot, and several links to more exercises that can help you to defuse from your mind.

Home everywhere, but still feeling displaced

For a long time already, I decided to stick with the idea that home is the place where I stay and sleep. But even so, it still makes me wonder, what is home for me, and for all those others who live away from their home country or town?

My difficult relationship with Scotland

I used to hate the idea of going to Scotland. In the last couple of years though, I’ve really enjoyed my visits, and I wonder whether it’s the country that has changed or is it me.