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Two weeks later

The first days after the fires in Central Portugal, the focus was on investigating the damage, and that of family and friends, and letting everyone know that you were safe and sound. It’s only now, two weeks later, that I feel we can pick up our daily routines again.

Settled on the farm

Instead of exploring new cultures and places we have never been to, far away from where we come from, something we have done for the last four winters, we plan to settle in one place for the next few months.

Finally found our farm

Sometimes you find what you’re looking for when you least expect it. It was during a break from living in our van when we finally found a farm where we both would like to stay and work for at least a few months. And who knows, maybe even longer…

Hardship or paradise

There are places in the Algarve that look like paradise when you travel through and stay even for a few weeks. But the reality for many who live here, especially those who depend on the land, can be very different.

It doesn’t have to be special to be great

Sometimes the best nights you can have while travelling are those that are completely unplanned, and even at an event you would never normally choose to attend.

The addictive effect of new flavours

There is a lot about Portugal that could tempt any nomad into becoming a local. The food is certainly a great attraction.

Do you even need a home?

It’s been a strange couple of weeks for me. I’ve been in four very different countries over the past four weeks. That’s not really strange. What is strange is how familiar they all felt.