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Easter weekend in Yambata

Easter weekend we finally got to visit Yambata, the village where Abad was born and grew up. For years, both Marlies and Abad have told us about the village and made us long to go there to. (More about Marlies and Abad another time).

While there, we paid a visit to Torotoro national park, a few kilometres away, with its canyon, hiking trails, dinosaur footprints, and a huge area full of amazing rock formations and caves.

World famous dino footprints

Famous dino footprints

Rock formations in Ciudade de Itas

Rock formations in Ciudade de Itas

As you can see from the pictures, they weren’t lying. Both Yambata and Torotoro are incredibly photogenic. One additional feature I truly enjoyed, which I couldn’t capture in the pictures, was the silence.

Easter weekend at Abad’s family home was one big party and gastronomic feast. Homemade empanadas and freshly baked bread, various types of soups, and of course a large variety of potatoes, all cooked in a different way.

Yambata at sunset

Yambata at sunset

Yummy yummy, freshly made empanadas ready for the oven

Yummy:  empanadas ready for the oven

And of course there was dancing, live music (by Abad) and a large number of buckets with chicha (maize beer). Older and wiser (from my earlier stay as a student in Ecuador) I stuck with bottled beer.

Abad playing charango at Easter party

Abad playing charango at Easter party

After this visit, we have an even better understanding of why Marlies has decided to stay in Bolivia, and enjoys spending time in Yambata.

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  1. Heerlijk om jullie verhalen zo te gaan volgen. Goed idee dus wat mij betreft.
    Dit uitje had ik wel mee willen maken. What’s next?

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  2. What next? Morgen gaan we eens kijken of het lukt om de berg hier in de buurt te beklimmen.


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