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The addictive effect of new flavours

December 31, 2016

There is a lot about Portugal that could tempt any nomad into becoming a local. The food is certainly a great attraction.

Travelling in a Buddhist country

After all the excess and commercialism in and around temples in south east Asia, it was very special to meet someone who had a different approach to Buddhism.

House of Cards 2: another view of the same scene

Smart dialogue doesn’t always make for good dialogue or a healthy discussion.

The counter question to challenge the norm

We can get stuck conforming to what we think is normal that we don’t even question our own decisions.

Stop fear ruling our lives, let’s be open for new futures to emerge

Maybe, before criticising Trump supporters, we need to take some time to understand their fears. And our own.

A trip through literature

Traveling through literature tells us the stories we don’t always see when visiting a place and sometimes it is more disturbing.

Scarcity in times of abundance

In times of abundance, most of us waste time or money, but it is precisely then when we should make build a buffer for times of scarcity.

What holds you back

I got a lot of great support after my last blog post, and I realised that I don’t need to worry about what you lot think of me. All too often it’s my own thoughts that hold me back.

Every disadvantage has an advantage

If everything goes wrong, it is sometimes difficult to see the positive side of it. Fortunately then there are the wise (and often weird) statements of Johann Cruijf to fall back on.

Levels of confusion

In some ways I feel I am as confused as ever, but I have the feeling I am confused on a higher level and about more important things than last week.