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Cheated by borders and expectations: the truth about life in Espedair Street

Being guided by our expectations and preconceptions can mean that we miss out on opportunities and new adventures when we should be more open, flexible and ready to adapt.

Walk the Speyside Way and spoil your senses

Travel slowly through Scotland and spoil all your senses along the Speyside Way.

Beauties of Bute

The Scottish island of Bute has a lot more to offer than a flashback to the days when it was a popular holiday destination ‘doon the watter’ for Glaswegians.

The Scots and their summer – take 2

While many might complain about rain every day, the Scots can appreciate those rare moments when the sun does appear.

The Scots and their summer

The Scots have a saying, ‘Sun’s out, tops off’. Scotland the brave: they don’t let the weather spoil their fun.

The best laid New Year plans

The goal for 2016 will be to find a balance between realising existing plans and having space for new opportunities to emerge.

Do you even need a home?

It’s been a strange couple of weeks for me. I’ve been in four very different countries over the past four weeks. That’s not really strange. What is strange is how familiar they all felt.

My difficult relationship with Scotland

I used to hate the idea of going to Scotland. In the last couple of years though, I’ve really enjoyed my visits, and I wonder whether it’s the country that has changed or is it me.