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Travelling in a Buddhist country

After all the excess and commercialism in and around temples in south east Asia, it was very special to meet someone who had a different approach to Buddhism.

Goodbye Hat Yai – Hi Dubai

Should we really try and do all that is possible at all cost? Or can less also be enough?

In memory of a new friend

When travelling it can be difficult to make new friends. When you do, the experience often marks the memories of a place.

The difference between expats and digital nomads

Expats have a very different experience to digital nomads visiting a country. A place that is paradise for two weeks or a month becomes frustrating and ordinary.

Malaysia visa run

We were all foreigners in a minibus heading to Malaysia for the same thing, and yet we were all very different.

Tourist Island: Phuket

Phuket could be anywhere, anywhere but the place to be alone.

The good, the bad and the beer

It’s great to realise that travelling in a country you don’t particularly like doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time.

Food matters

As much as you can adapt, love to live in new places and try new things, there will always be moments it is nice to have something familiar.

Finding the rhythm again

Once we get over our jet lag, settle down and find our way in a new country, I notice that it is not as easy to break with some old patterns and it can be difficult to pick up some new ones.