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The charms of a simple life

Sometimes you only realise the meaning or importance of something just before you lose it. Just before it ends.

The difference between expats and digital nomads

Expats have a very different experience to digital nomads visiting a country. A place that is paradise for two weeks or a month becomes frustrating and ordinary.

Ready to go all the way?

What are you looking for? The journey or the result? Useful questions to consider before you depart.

Finding the rhythm again

Once we get over our jet lag, settle down and find our way in a new country, I notice that it is not as easy to break with some old patterns and it can be difficult to pick up some new ones.

How I learned to run minfdully

How running has taught me how to find an effective balance between balance between ‘being in the here and now’, and planning and acting on values and goals.

The myth of the advantages of being on your own (while you have a partner)

Sometimes you take things so much for granted that you might forget how valuable they are.

My uncontrollable travel companion

As you might have read in the previous blog, Jim will leave me on my own. And though I don’t mind being on my own for a while, my mind is kind of worried.